Veterans Day After Afghanistan

If my students do not know about the National Roll Call, veteran suicides, or how Vietnam Veterans were treated it is because the generation tasked with teaching them these things failed. Many young people are looking for ways to listen to veterans and help them in meaningful ways. They aren’t looking to distribute platitudes. They are looking to build authentic relationships, and it is our job to provide them with the knowledge and opportunity they need to succeed. Continue reading

Dr. David Albright on “Building Resilience and Finding Balance”

Dr. Albright showed how self-awareness and self-care can shape all of life’s major transitions. The lecture helped my students see how the veteran’s transition from warrior to civilian can teach them about transitioning to life in college. It helped them see how these lessons could teach them about the transitions awaiting them after college. Learning to see past stereotypes and recognize veterans as models of human resilience is one reason why I advocate for the growing field of Veterans Studies. Continue reading