Veterans in Academics: Dr. Travis Martin Interview

In the inaugural episode of the Veterans in Academics podcast Dr. Travis Martin discusses the relationship between his military service and academia as well as founding the Kentucky Center for Veterans Studies … Listen.

EKU LogoEastern Standard: The Story of Veterans Studies at EKU

In Today’s Interview, Dr. Travis Martin, creator and Director of the new Kentucky Center for Veterans Studies at Eastern Kentucky University, talks about how unique the Center is and what it will mean to the region and EKU … Read more.

Picture2Ohio Valley Resource: Older Veterans Face New Fight As Coronavirus Surges In Region

On Monday, Kentucky Gov. Andy Beshear delivered his daily briefing on coronavirus, which is surging across the Ohio Valley. Eleven … Read more.

Picture2EKU Stories: Student-conducted veteran interviews now accessible through EKU’s Berge Oral History Center

More than 250 veteran interviews are now available to the public through Eastern Kentucky University’s William H. Berge Oral History Center. This collection will continue to grow  … Read more.

EKU LogoEastern Standard: The Story of Veterans Studies at EKU

A conversation with Travis Martin, co-founder of EKU’s Veterans Studies Program. The first of its kind in the nation, the program aims to foster understanding among veterans and civilians … Read more.

EKU LogoEKU Stories: “Martin Named to Alpha Lambda Delta National Council”

Travis Martin, First-Year Courses Administrator at Eastern Kentucky University, has been selected as Professional Member-at-Large in the Alpha Lambda Delta National Council … Read more.

EKU LogoEKU Stories: “Colonels Create Series Kicks Off.”

College is an exciting time in students’ lives, but it comes with many demands. First-year students may struggle to balance their classes, activities, and personal lives as they adjust to their new surroundings … Read more.

VA VantageVAntage Point: Wordcommandos: Encouraging Veterans to write and submit their works”

Robert Morgan Fisher is a writer, musician and teacher whose father served as a naval flight officer. For the last year, he’s been leading a writing group at VA’s West Los Angeles campus … Read more.

1New York Times: “Warrior Voices: Veterans Learn to Write the Words They Could Not Speak”

The traditional therapies and approaches to PTSD are not getting the job done,” he says. “Vets are looking for alternative ways to heal, and they are latching onto writing as a way to do Read more.

1Stars & Stripes: “Participants Share Experiences at Military Arts Symposium”

Clayton Murwin learned what his two true passions in life were at an early age: art and supporting the military in a labor of love …Read more.

1NPR: “I’m not going to avoid memories of what I did in Iraq”

Some casualties of war are the minds of soldiers thrown into combat. Travis Martin is such a case. As an 18 year-old, the Somerset, Kentucky native found himself driving heavy trucks in Iraq Read more.

1University of Kentucky: “Poetry to Heal PTSD: Travis Martin”

We often hear about veterans that can’t shake traumatic experiences and memories of war, but what about those who find ways to cope? Travis Martin, a PhD candidate …Read more.

1New York Times: “A Million Strong: Helping Them Through”

THE class was humanities, the book under discussion Mary Shelley’s “Frankenstein.” Suddenly an alarm blared and 20 students, some calm and some not, filed out of the makeshift classroom …Read more.

1Inside Higher Ed: “Front Line Instructors”

When student veterans open up to Lydia Wilkes, associate instructor of writing at Indiana University at Bloomington, she’s sometimes overcome by the “sense [that] this is a profoundly human moment that I’m going to …Read More.

1University of Kentucky: “Learning How to Heal”

When UK English doctoral student Travis Martin returned from military service in 2006, he found himself dealing with avoidance issues and concerns about assimilating into life after deployment …Read More.

1Eastern Kentucky University: “EKU VETS Recognized As National Program of the Year”

Eastern Kentucky University’s Veterans Education and Transition Support (VETS) organization was honored as national Program of the Year by the Student Veterans of America (SVA) for …Read more.

1NCTE: “Higher Education: Working With Veterans”

Professor Alexis Hart of Allegheny College and Professor Mike Edwards of Washington State talk about the most recent CCCC conference …Read more.

1University of Kentucky: “War Stories – Travis Martin”

As a society, we are fascinated by war stories. Movies, television, video games and literature all do their part in capturing something that is so fundamental to human nature, yet so incredibly hard to imagine …Read more.

1American Legion: “To Shed One’s Sickness”

English writer D.H. Lawrence is quoted as saying that “one sheds one’s sickness in books.” It’s an adage that has stood the test of time, as generations of writers have taken pen to pad – or fingertips to keyboards – to relieve their ailments …Read more.

1Eastern Kentucky University: “Recent Graduate Receives Phi Kappa Phi Literacy Grant”

Recent Eastern Kentucky University graduate Travis Martin was one of 14 individuals nationwide to receive a Literacy Grant from The Honor Society of Phi Kappa Phi …Read more.

1Conquer Worry: “Helping Vets Find Post Traumatic Growth – Travis Martin Interview”

In this episode we interview Travis Martin, President of Military Experience & the Arts. This is a non-profit, volunteer-run organization whose primary mission is to work with veterans …Read more.

1USA Today: “Kudos”

In Fall 2010, Eastern Kentucky U began offering a veteran-only “transition to college” course. Last semester, student veterans attending the class plus other student veterans were given the opportunity to discuss their military experiences through poetry, prose, and artwork …Read more.

1Tears of a Warrior: “Living Stories”

It came in the mail, a book from a professor at Eastern Kentucky University, The Journal of Military Experience. Most publications I get from universities are on topics that deal with academia …Read more.

1Red Bull Rising: “Editor’s Advice to Mil-Writers: Be Flexible, Be Engaged”

In terms of military writing, November 2012 exploded with the publication of multiple anthologies focused on themes of war, peace, service, and remembrance …Read more.

1Richmond Register: “EKU Vets Chronicle Military Experience”

RICHMOND — “When we arrived, the smell of rotting flesh filled the air. I was told to pull the first guard shift around the mass-grave site. During one of my patrols …Read more.

1Somerset Community College: “Somerset Native Makes a Difference for Kentucky Veterans Through Writing”

Somerset native Travis Martin is all too familiar with the challenges faced by veterans who choose to further their education after serving our country …Read more.