Learning About Learning

First, I am excited to be a part of a featured session at the 2022 Pedagogicon, “Ungrading General Education: Preliminary Results from a Pilot Study.” Alison Buck, Anne Fleischer, Matthew Howell, Stacey Korson, Eric Meiners, Matthew Winslow and I organized a group of 15 instructors representative of 12 disciplines, 25 courses, and 287 students to measure student success and satisfaction in courses with ungraded pedagogies.

Come learn more on Thursday, May 19 from 3-3:45 PM (EST)

Also at Pedagogicon, colleague Susan Skees Hermes and I have organized a group of student panelist to discuss “Mutual Growth Mindset in a Relationship-Rich Classroom.” Joanna Marling, Samuel Lewis, Amanda Hansford, Jodi Collins, and Lily Breeze represent students beginning with the first year all the way through graduate school as they discuss examples of students and instructors trusting in one another and rising to the occasion in classroom settings.

Join us on Friday, May 20 from 11:45-12:30 PM (EST)

Pedagogicon: https://fctl.eku.edu/pedagogicon

Starting today, join me and colleagues Matthew Winslow and Samuel Lewis asynchronously at the 2022 Perusall Exchange for “Metacognitive Social Annotation: Perusall and Best Practices in the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning.” This short podcast-style presentation is designed to provoke a dialogue about intersections in the scholarship of teaching and learning with the design and use of the Perusall social annotation app that is found increasingly in courses across the nation.

Join the conversation from May 16-27.

Register: https://www.perusall.com/exchange

Also be sure to check out the panel “How Learning Changes with Perusall” featuring recent Eastern Kentucky University graduate and law school bound Hannah Woods on Wednesday, May 25, from 2:00-3:00 P.M. EST.

Exchange: https://www.perusall.com/exchange-2022-schedule