Faculty Innovation in Teaching Award

For several years, I have worked alongside some brilliant and committed teacher-scholars at Eastern Kentucky University to elevate our first-year curriculum and general education program by incorporating best practices in the scholarship of teaching and learning. As a Faculty Innovator and Engage Mentor, I lead professional learning communities and workshops on topics such as transparent design, ungrading, intrinsic motivation, online education, and support for student veterans (to name a few). I am certainly not alone in this work, but I will acknowledge that it is a lot to take on in addition to my regular duties.

So, it meant a lot when I was recognized this week as a recipient of the “Faculty Innovation in Teaching Award.” I would like to thank those who nominated me, our team in First-Year Courses, my fellow Faculty Innovators, and especially Assistant Provost Rusty Carpenter for opening doors and giving me a chance to make a meaningful impact in our efforts to help students persist to graduation.

One recipient of the Faculty Innovation in Teaching Award was Dr. Travis Martin, director of the Kentucky Center for Veterans Studies and First-Year Courses administrator. It was noted that Martin draws upon the most recent research to innovate his courses and his innovations have influenced other faculty members. One nominee wrote, “with the recipient’s fresh approach, students are encouraged to create their own expectations and standards, to follow their own interests, to develop their innate skills, and to monitor their own learning. When you pause and reflect on what the educational system is supposed to do – inspire and empower students – you will see the power of his innovation.” 

Faculty Honored for Excellence in Teaching and Leadership