Discussing the Field of Veterans Studies on Veterans Radio

Recently, I was honored to be a guest onĀ Veterans Radio, a broadcast media platform that has been educating the public on veterans issues for nearly two decades. Dr. Eric Fretz, a Faculty Lecturer at the University of Michigan, discusses the Journal … Continue reading

Veterans Studies Students Set Sights on Careers in Mental Health

WEKU’s Corinne Boyer interviewed Veterans Studies students Samuel Lewis, Amber Woolery, and Kendra Watts to learn how our curricular and co-curricular offerings prepare students in fields such as social work and psychology to serve veterans and their families as future mental health practitioners. She … Continue reading

Veterans Day After Afghanistan

If my students do not know about the National Roll Call, veteran suicides, or how Vietnam Veterans were treated it is because the generation tasked with teaching them these things failed. Many young people are looking for ways to listen to veterans and help them in meaningful ways. They aren’t looking to distribute platitudes. They are looking to build authentic relationships, and it is our job to provide them with the knowledge and opportunity they need to succeed. Continue reading