About Me

I am a free thinker.

In 1984, I clawed my way out of my mother’s womb and demanded that the world crown me its ruler. Because I was just a poor boy from a “hollar” in Southern Kentucky, it refused. So, I learned to hustle, selling soda pops out of a dufflebag to buy my first vehicle in high school, joining the Army in 2002 to see the world. I visited sixteen different countries while in the Army, and as a truck driver and convoy platform machine gunner, I deployed in 2003 and 2005 in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom. In 2006, I got my Honorable Discharge and went back to the community college I dropped out of before joining the Army.

Ten years later, I had a PhD in English and a Graduate Certificate in Social Theory. And during those ten years, I founded and led a 501(C)(3) non-profit organization and helped establish an entirely new academic discipline. I’ve taught dozens of college courses in composition, literature, film, women and gender studies, and veterans studies. I plan on trying my hand at entrepreneurship next.

I’m a member of a pack that includes myself, a woman, three dogs, and a garage cat. The garage cat only considers itself loosely affiliated with the rest of us.

I write stuff. I do art sometimes. I play video games competitively.

Among other things, I dislike social media, class stratification, war, cauliflower, and musicals.

I might just rule the world someday.